HSC Result 2017 Bangladesh Education Board

Woohoo! HSC Result 2017 Bangladesh was published. Check that this page works. Upon completion of the BD GOV 2017 test, the result will usually be released within three months. During these three months, the role of the students who sat on the examination, test on two levels. First, an inspector checked the paper, the principal investigator. Then the head of the investigation sends the exact number of paper on the card. Then pick up the whole series of all students’ jobs, take the brand sheet.
The HSC 2017 exam result will be issued in August 2017a The results of the HSC exam were announced on August 18. More potential, August 19, 2017. You will receive all update notifications of the HSC 2017 Test Bangladesh Results Our porashuna.net. And eyebrows our site regularly.


HSC Result 2017 Bangladesh Education Board

Receives HSC result 2017. Do you know when the results of HSC Publish will be published? The official results of HSC when there is nothing wrong with the department, of course, and most of Bangladesh’s Board of Education. The circle of results is more than 60 days after the end of the test. In all cases, the expected date for the assumption, the result is August 16 (Wednesday) or seventeen (Thursday). The exact date of HSC Result Bangladesh open the same way, when the date is chosen by the ministry. Basically, he came back again to check the ascent again.

After the level and fundamental partners students need to experience the HSC so that they are justified at the tertiary level. As has also been split optional upper secondary level three social gatherings. Although the way there is an interview with descriptions licking rule, but on the social issue in Bangladesh tried to destroy such shocking acts and ensure the provision of adulterated results. In our country, there are 8 sheets including the special table payment and a madrasa table.

How To Get HSC Result 2017 by Mobile SMS

You can easily get results using SMS. Bangladesh Education 2017 Board has a total of nine sessions for high school exams (SSC). And a total of 10 tables for the Higher School Certificate (HSC). So here, we discuss the total of ten HSC boards of Results 2017 of the system of education obtained through mobile use. Obtaining HSC 2017 Result from the mobile phone is a very easy and inexpensive system to get results instantly. Because today the mobile phone used for all the villages of Bangladesh. I think 99% of people use mobile phones in Bangladesh.

Initially “Flaxiload” mobile SIM card. If you have enough balance, there is no need “Flaxiload” again. Because only a 2.50 Taka 2017 is needed per HSC result from the mobile phone. So now, go to your choice of messaging from the mobile. Then select “Send Message”. Now, first of all write here HSC and give it space. Then write the first three letters of the Board of Education. For example, if the board of education candidates Dinajpur, should write DIN here. Then a space for the press “0” on the keyboard of your mobile phone. Now write your HSC review function here. On the other hand leave a space, then write HSC Year exam. This is the year 2017. Now your SMS is “complete” to send the number of service provider Board of Education. Now send your message to transmit contact “16222”. After a while, you can get one by the end of this SMS response number. It is your most sought HSC Exam Result 2017.


After passing the HSC elementary and high school students have found tertiary level to do. And the second secondary cycle is also divided into three groups. Although there is some controversy bond questionnaires, but the Education Council in Bangladesh has been trying to destroy such heinous acts and to ensure the processing of pure results. In our country there are eight boards of education, including the technical director and a madrasa board.

All these meetings are controlled by the Ministry of Education. At the end of the audit, all answer sheets will be sent to the main teacher to verify and distribute the mark. The response sheets were then reviewed and submitted to their respective Board of Directors. A meeting is held in the office of the Ministry in the presence of Ministers of Education Nurul Nahid and therefore will be published the result of the preparation

Name Of All high school School Board 

  • Dhaka Education Board Bangladesh
  • Chittagong Education Board Bangladesh
  • Comilla Education Board Bangladesh
  • Rajshahi Education Board Bangladesh
  • Barisal Education Board Bangladesh
  • Jessore Education Board Bangladesh
  • Dinajpur Education Board Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Technical Board Bangladesh
  • Dhaka Madrasa Board Bangladesh


Examine the HSC Dhaka forums have the right to review, the HSC exam result easily Dhaka Board of Education website officer. There is a checklist of direct results can be found on the official website of the Board of Dacca. Each scan can also check the results of the Bangladesh Board of Education official website, check the results by choosing the Dacca Board of Education. If the HSC test can not review the 2017 test results online, you can here the results through the SMS mobile phone, will be controlled. In this case, the SMS format is below.

  • First, they must go to the official website of Dhaka Education Board. The website of the Council of Dhaka is dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd
    Then the result HSC 2017 onboard option Dhaka is selected.
    Then give it a form to fill it without the results. In this way, you will usually have Rol no order, reg. No, etc. The form is as follows.
    After completing the form, click on the HSC result, the shipping option.
    Then get your board Dhaka result from HSC easily.
    Another way is through SMS. You can receive your result by SMS by sending your paper and reg. The number was provided. So in the answer, you will get more results.


The Chittagong Education Board HSC  Result 2017 can check your exam score of 2017 through the internet very quickly. The process is very simple and anyone can complete it. Therefore, check your HSC Score 2017 Board Chittagong from the official website of the Chittagong Board of Education. All you need is the HSC roll number and the registration number. Education Board Bangladesh also contributed to the HSC Outcome 2017 Board of Education of Chittagong, as it is officially published. Users who wish to check their Chittagong HSC Board exam result through Mobile Phone SMS, here is the complete information and guide for them.

HSC >> space >> CHI >> space>> 224466 >> space>> 2017 to 16222

Here is CHI the first three letters of the Chittagong Council. 224466 is the example roll number and 2017, the step examined HSC is (check) years. After you successfully send the message correctly, it checks for 02:44 TK and received a message of 16222 to examine Mobile Tray. The SMS contains your full name and the PAM. Details result (Subject weise Mark sheet sample) can be checked after 18:00 on the result publication day. If you are looking for more ways to check Chittagong HSC Board result, just install BD Android mobile application result to check your HSC exam result for 2017 as an alternative.


Comilla is another prominent school council among the other school authorities in Bangladesh. There are a number of well-known institutions in this circle, and when we evaluate the performance we can easily say that the percentage of average results for this meeting is very good. So to get your income before other advice visit our site first, and we have a clear guarantee that we will provide quick results as any other procedure you plan to go. Like other boards of training, I Comilla Board also has an official website and you can get the result also from there. For the first thing you need to get into there, and need to fill out the form exactly.


Rajshahi’s board is another important and prominent school board. A considerable number of students from many well-known institutions involved in the HSC exam each year and the achievement of this board achieve a standard figure on average. Obtaining and processing results under this board has a different Unlike other school board. The steps by which the fastest results can be obtained are listed below.


To check the results of the Board of Education portal for Barisal 2017 HSC results, you should visit the Portal Forums results and then follow the next statement. It contains the necessary information exam, Barisal and Board of Education. Then enter your HSC 6-digit number, enter your registration number HSC, select that from year to year (2017). Show yourself as a human and then click the Send button to view the result of the 2017 HSC exam.


Jessore Education Board HSC your guests on its official website. In addition, you can not get your result soon on our website, rather than getting results one or two days later from their respective institutions. Today it’s very easy to get any board exam, including HSC or any competition exam online results. Ni, your time to get your board HSC 2017 as soon as possible Jessore board from our website www.jessoreboard.gov.bd.


Like other department formation of Dinajpur Division also since 2017 has been appreciated the number of HSC sought 5 Lakh to verify all your documents an outstanding university and the large number of students every year large number of students right sheet mark, each student will be willing to start. Then roll and no reg. No, the flag is published on the official website of the Board of Education Dinajpur. Then the students will get this result through the steps.


Technical consulting is unique from the education system and the results of the processing by sides. A workshop with the study related to the text is obvious in this system and is part of our education system. As a different track, the number of students in this consultation is not as great as the general education boards, but the priority level is the same.

Do not fall into the group as the overall system as well as the tertiary education system follows through, which means that several departments are included, and students have to complete their diploma semesters to spend on this. For the quick result of a very simple way diploma are among the available a result of the line recording is very popular. Visit our website to get your guests diploma faster than any other website or process. Unless you get the result of the official website of the board, the www.bteb.gov.bd. Dippa result can also be collected by SMS according to the same procedure as for the HSC result.


The board of the Medresse is no less important than the general meetings because most people in our country are Muslims and the education system teaches Islamic lifestyles and Arabic grammar texts including the general national curriculum. The name of the secondary school level is “Alim”, which is an Arabic term. The number of students is not much lower than that of general meetings when you compare as a single board. The school authority also has an official website where Alim publish the results of the exam.

HSC Result 2017 Marksheet Download

HSC Result Marksheet 2017,  HSC 2017 Exam Result with Mark Sheet published on www.educationboardresults.gov.bd. Plenary of the Education Council in Bangladesh sold the “HSC number” of all students. All students are able to easily guess Total Subjects as a result of Higher Secondary Certificate / equivalents. All Result Board of Education and controls all rights fell below the Bangladesh Board of Education. Certificate of Higher Secondary School (HSC) Examination result of 2017 Education Minister release, Sunday at 10:00. So, check out HSC Score Score 2017 Leaf from under the band.

The HSC exam for 2017 among all instructional boards can download your HSC Mark sheet for 2017 by the mark sheet for class letters and numbers on base.

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